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Minutes of the 51st Annual General Meeting, held at the Railway, Billingshurst on Wednesday 19th July 2017


Those present:


Steve Eely,   John Tidy, Dave Sands,  Mick Clack, Mike and  Lin Lennon, Colin Bolton Dave Simmons, Tony Temple and Tommy Howell


Apologies for absence:


Dick and Lee Cable


Meeting opened 8.30pm  by the Chairman who welcomed Members to the Meeting.


The minutes of the 50th A.G.M. which were available on the night, were proposed by

Mick Clack and seconded by Steve Eely as a true record of what took place, put to the vote and carried, There were no matters arising.


The Chairman gave his Report on the previous Season


He thanked the following:


John Tidy for his job as Secretary/Treasurer’ who has done an excellent job keeping the league running smoothly.  The committee for their work and support during the season.


Everyone who supported the raffle and those who donated prizes which really helped with the trophy fund and keeping fee's down.


Alfold S.C. For the use of their premises on finals night, and Malcom Greening,

the bar staff and the ladies who supplied the food. He had a lot of  comments on a good night.


Springbok Club for holding the Golden Jubille Celebrations


At the Chairman's request, the Secretary E-Mailed Alfold SC and Springbok Club to thank them for the above


Also Lin Lennon for being his personal assistant


The Statement of Accounts, which were available on the night, were discussed.

The closing Bank balance was £632.55 plus £9.90 cash, compared to £663.15 for Season 2015 / 2016. The Treasurer mentioned that the bank balance was high due to the lower amounts spent on Engraving and Prizes during the year. The Treasurer also stated that he would try and maintain  a balance of about £400.00 in future seasons


He also confirmed that the bank balance was supported by the latest bank statement. This balance was checked by Mick Clack


It was proposed by Dave Sands and seconded by Colin Bolton that the Accounts should be accepted, put to the vote, and carried.


Election of Officers for 2017/18




            President:                                 C Sawyer        


            Life Vice-Presidents:               A.Temple and P Gibbs


            Chairman:                                S.Eely                         


            Vice Chairman:                        D Simmons     


            Hon.Sec & Treasurer: J Tidy             


            Governing Committee of playing Members    


L. Lennon,  D Sands, C Bolton, and M Clack  it was proposed by Steve Eely and seconded by Lin Lennon that they would be joined by Trevor Goacher of Springbok Club


It was decided that the Committee should be re-elected en-bloc. This was proposed by Tony Temple, seconded by Mike Lennon and the vote was carried



RULE AMENDMENTS, (Proposed by the League Secretary and seconded by the Committee)






This format was used for the first time last season, and there were one or two teething problems, and hence these two proposals




The Group Stage draw will be completed AFTER the first round has been played




The match winners will receive two points, and the winners of the group will be decided in the following order


1)         Number of points won

2)         Number of Games won

3)         Number of League points won during the season in matches   between the teams       that are tied in the group

4)         If the teams still cannot be separated, the group will be decided by the number          of points won during the complete league season


It was decided that instead of League Points (3) and (4), Aggregate points scored during the matches would decide the winner


Both Proposals were carried by a show of hands





At the time of the AGM, the number of teams playing in the next season is unknown, and if there is a reduction in the number of teams the income generated during the season will be less than expected at the time of the AGM




If the number of teams in the league is lower than expected at the time of the AGM, the secretary can increase the League fee by £5.00 with the Committee’s agreement


Seeing as the balance sheet was still healthy, it was decided to postpone this proposal until next year






Over the past few seasons, this rule has enabled at least three teams to survive




The number of times that this rule can be used to be increased from six to eight times


This was carried by a show of hands






Currently for each division the best performance award is awarded to the player with the most wins, in the case of a tie, the average score throughout the season is taken into account




Provided the player has played 80% of the league matches, the awards should be given to the player with the highest percentage of wins


Example In a 20 match season Player A wins 18 out of 20 matches, (90% Win rate) whilst Player B has won 17 out of 18 matches (94% Win rate)


Both players have played more than 80% of the matches, but under this proposal the award would be given to player B because of the higher percentage of wins




With the current rule, in the case of a tie the award is given to the player with the highest average score throughout the league season. This gives players that play their home matches on high scoring tables the advantage


The Proposal is that to reduce this advantage only scores on away table should be taken into account when calculating the average score




Leave the rule as it is


Proposal 1 was carried by a show of hands, but in the case of a tie, the calculation of average score would be calculated on away scores only. (Proposal 2)


Any Other Business.


Number of Teams in the League


Currently the number of teams for next season is unknown, between 10 and 12 teams


Tarratt Tables and HBBL AGM


The Secretary updated the meeting on the HBBL AGM, confirming that Tarratt Tables were increasing the cost of each game to £2.00, also confirming that any rumours about the demise of Tarratt Tables interest in maintaining Bar Billiards were untrue


JT's Hip Operation


The Secretary stated that during the season he would be having a replacement hip operation, and so there may be a delay in the reporting of results


During the AGM a bunch of flowers was presented to Stella, the landlady of the Railway as a thank you, for allowing us to hold our AGM's, and for her generosity in always supplying sandwiches


Meeting closed 9.05pm approx

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