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51) Roll of Honour 1965-2018 (unfortunately some gaps) (For Finals Night Reports see under Bygone Days)    

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The late 70s and early 80s was a golden age for press coverage, with Finals Nights attracting special interest.  Here are seven clippings which I think you will agree do the League justice...............NB. Full list of finalists for each for each particular year can be found under Roll of Honour (PAGE 51).

1.Singles Champions, 1974/75 - Wendy Bowers, Simon Butler.

2.Ladies Singles Finalists, 1977/78 - Sylvia Barnes, Margaret Coble.

3.1978/79 Finals Night, all the Champions line up.....can you name them ?

4.Ladies and Mens Singles finalists, 1979/80. Sarah Beales v Irene Charlick; J.Slee v S.Merriott.

5.Mens and Ladies Singles finalists, 1980/81. J.Thayre v T.Lighting; Sarah Beales v Elaine Hunt.

6.1981 Jubilee Team Knockout Finalists (Coot v Green Dragon)

7.Mens Singles Finalists 1981/82 - Ron Child and John Turner..