Horsham Bar Billiards





1)    The title of the League shall be known as the Horsham & District Bar Billiards League, with its headquarters at The Roffey Sports & Social Club, or as the Committee may desire. 

2)    The object of the League is to organise and promote the playing of Bar Billiards within the Horsham District.

3)    The affairs of the League shall be managed by a General Committee, as elected at the A.G.M.  Dates of Committee meetings will be published in advance, in order to allow playing members of the League to attend, if they so wish.

4)    The Executive Officers of the Committee shall consist of the Chairman, Deputy Chairman, Competition & League Secretaries and Treasurer. Each will have the power of one vote on any matter, except the Chairman, who in the event of a split decision will have a casting vote. 4b) An Honorary President shall also be elected as an ex-Officio member of the Committee.

5)    An extraordinary Committee meeting can be set up to deal with any matters raised by member teams during the season.  No one Officer or Elected Member shall have the power to give a decision to a Member Team on any matter concerning the running of the League. 
5a) If at any Annual General Meeting of the League, a resolution be passed calling for the dissolution of the League, the Secretary shall immediately convene an Extraordinary General Meeting of the League to be held not less than one month thereafter to discuss and vote on the resolution.
If at that special General Meeting the resolution is carried by at least two thirds of the full members present at the meeting, the General Committee shall thereupon, or at such date as shall have been specified in the resolution, proceed to realise the assets of the League and discharge all debts and liabilities of the League.
After discharging all debts and liabilities of the League, the remaining assets shall not be paid or distributed amongst Members of the League, but shall be given or transferred to some other voluntary organisation having objects similar to those of the League.

6)    The Committee will select Team Captains for Interleague squads as applicable. 

7)    The A.G.M. of the League shall be held on the most convenient Tuesday as soon as possible after Finals Night.   All proposed alterations to rules are to be notified to the League Secretary no later than fourteen days before that date.  The President shall be invited to chair this meeting for which he shall hold all rights as that of Chairman. 

8)    The annual subscription to the League shall be £50.00, which includes entry to the Charity Team Cup competition. This is to be paid by each team to the League Secretary together with their League Registration entry form, (by August 10th), plus £1.50 per named player for Cup Competitions on a separate entry form.  The League is open to teams from social and/or sports clubs as well as to those from public houses within the District. 

9)    League matches shall be played on Tuesday evenings or on such other nights as may be decided by the Committee, against opponents and at venues stated on the official fixture list for the season, as drawn up by the Committee. 

10)    All teams must be registered by the Captain before playing, and no team shall be allowed to commence the season until their registration form and fee has been received by the League Secretary. Players are to be registered with the League secretary at the same time as the registration of their team, however additional players may also be registered throughout the season direct with the fixtures secretary or even on the night of a match whereby that person’s name is noted on a score card which is then received by the Fixtures Secretary.
Any team knowingly playing a player already registered with another team shall forfeit three match points.

11)    Any transfer requests shall be considered and ruled upon by the Committee, taking all steps possible to investigate the facts of each individual case.  Transfers will be allowed only up until the half-season end (Christmas), provided that the player concerned has played no more than five games.

12)    One team point shall be awarded for each individual game: e.g. if a team wins 3-2 the winners receive three points and the losing team two points.   A “Ranking Points” system will be held for individual players and ranking points will be awarded using the formula as agreed at the AGM.
Current points system.
Score          Lose        Win
0-990             0.0         1.0
1K-2990         0.5         1.5
3K-4990         1.0         2.0
5K-6990         1.5         2.5
7K-8990         2.0         3.0
9K-10990       2.5         3.5
11K-12990     3.0         4.0
13K-14990     3.5         4.5
15K-16990     4.0         5.0
17K-18990     4.5         5.5
19K-20990     5.0         6.0

13)    The Home team is responsible for forwarding the result to the League Secretary.  If this has not been received by the Saturday following the match, the team responsible will receive a warning letter from the Committee and should they default again, 1 point will be deducted for each offence.

14)    Winners and Runners-up in all competitions including the teams scoring the highest number of points each season in each League Division shall hold a Challenge Cup until the close of the following season. Recipients of awards will be noted and shall relinquish them to any Committee member two months before Finals Night in good condition to be inscribed en-bloc.  The cost of inscription will be borne by the League and will be covered by Competition entry fees.

15)    League tables will consist of 2 Divisions of equal numbers playing each other throughout the season on home & away basis. Trophies will be awarded for winner & runner up in each division.

16)    At the close of the season, the bottom 2 teams of Division 1 shall be relegated to Division 2 and the top 2 teams of Division 2 shall be promoted to Division 1. Any tied championship, promotion relegation and special performance issues will be decided by means of a play-off between the teams or players involved.
If the number of teams in the League total is 12 or less only one team shall be relegated & one team promoted.

17)    The Committee will be responsible for making decisions regarding any league format changes that may need to be carried out if new teams wish to join the league, if tables are removed and/or teams decide to no longer play in the league.  

18)    When re-forming the League, if vacancies arise in the first or second divisions, further teams may be promoted.  But if a team should withdraw from one of these divisions and no application is received from the same house to fill the vacancy created, a new team which it is discovered will contain three or more players from that original side may enter the League in a division higher than the lowest at the Committee’s discretion.  Also, any new team registering three or more recognised first or second division players from the previous season shall automatically be given first or second division status as appropriate – provision being made by means of the Committee reforming the League if it is deemed necessary to do so.

PLAYING RULES as per AEBBA – see link below

19)    Home and Away matches consisting of five single games that shall be played between each team.

20)    The first game of each match should start by 8.30pm on the day of the fixture.  Play is to be continuous.  If insufficient games are possible to be played before “time” is called, the defaulting team shall forfeit one game or more, as appropriate.  (This shall also apply to singles and doubles matches, where in the case of non-arrival, the Landlord shall act as adjudicator witnessing any claim).

21)    Teams unable to play a match should inform the Fixtures Secretary and opposing Team Captain, giving two hours notice or more, where possible.  Extra dates will be put into the fixtures calendar on which any outstanding matches are to be played. A postponed fixture from the first half must be completed before the start of the second half & under no circumstances will the season end be exceeded. Failure to play the match by that date will result in the team unable to play forfeiting the match & 5 points being awarded to the other team.

22)    The player’s names are to be drawn and entered on a scorecard before the start of a match.  The order of play will be as drawn unless by agreement of both Captains owing to one or more of the nominated players not being present at the commencement of their game. There is a box by the side of each line on the scorecard, which will allow the actual order of play to be noted.  This will then allow accurate reports to be published especially when critical games are decided on the final leg of the match.  In the case of absenteeism, a reserve may play as long as they have not played for any other team. In League matches, the Away team is to have first break in all games.

23)    The Away Captain may satisfy himself on the level of the table and the duration of the first game (between 17 and 20 minutes); and should report any complaints verbally to the Home Captain and in writing to the League Secretary in accordance with Sussex County Bar Billiards Association Rule.  The balls are to be left in the tray and the Away Captain may make trial shots to the top of the table without using the side cushions or striking another ball.  Signing of the match scorecard is considered to constitute acceptance of the match result. Results will be accepted by email and an Excel version of the score card is available on request but the original cards should be kept by the captain in case of dispute.

24)    Deliberate displacement of balls by a player would result in automatic disqualification and the incident is to be reported (in writing) within 72 hours to the League Secretary. 

25)    All games are to be played strictly in accordance with Sussex County Bar Billiards Association Rules of Play.  Each team should possess a copy and players must acquaint themselves with these rules.

26)    All individual and doubles competitions will be open to unlimited entries opening rounds will be played on a set night determined by the competition secretary usually a Monday, except the Team Cup.
Competition matches will be the best of three games. The player/pair who wins the toss shall have the choice of break in either the first or second game. In the event of a third game both players/pairs will have the break and will toss again for the choice of first or second break.
In Doubles matches the player who takes the first shot for their pair in the first game shall take the last shot for their pair in the second game, meaning that the order of play shall be A-B-C-D in game 1 and D-C-B-A in game 2. In the event of a 3rd game the players who did not take break for the pair in the first two games shall take the breaks.

26a). If a player/pair is unable to play on the set night for the competition they must contact their opponent as soon as possible and re-arrange. All matches should be played on the table drawn as close to the original date as possible, and before the scheduled date for the next round, with the Competition Secretary and venue informed of the change of date. If no agreement can be reached the facts should be reported to the Competition Secretary for a decision.
Any player/pair who fails to turn up within 30 minutes of the start time of a competition match having not informed either their opponent or the Competition Secretary beforehand will be eliminated from the competition, unless exceptional circumstances prevailed.

27)    In any Cup competition, venues chosen by the Competition Secretary or the Committee will stand, care being taken to avoid duplication. 

28)    Should the first player in any deciding Cup game have played out more than half the time allotted, and his opponent’s opening break is still in progress when the bar drops, further coins may be inserted in an attempt to reach the target.  However, the time allotted will not exceed the first player’s share and as soon as the second player’s break ends, the game shall cease.

•    League Champions and Runners-up, two divisions (see Rule 14);
     Team Cup Competition on knockout basis, all teams from all divisions appear in one draw and run as “Plate” competition for first round losers in Team Cup (see Rules 26,27,28, & 30); 
•    Individual knockout (Men’s), Individual knockout (Ladies), Lower Division Singles, Men’s Doubles, Ladies Doubles and Mixed Doubles (see Rule 31);
•    Senior singles knockout (see Rule 32);
•    Highest break for the season on an away table – Men’s & Ladies (see Rule 33);  
•    Highest score for the season on an away table – Men’s & Ladies (see Rule 33);
     Best Performance Cups (see Rules 16 & 34); 
•    Close Season Competitions (see Rule 35).
Played on neutral tables with equal breaks in all games; Team drawn last has breaks 2 & 4. In the event of a tied match, the players concerned are to play a deciding game on the same night. Any player having received a transfer and having already played a Cup match for one team during the season is considered “Cup tied”, i.e. cannot play for any other team subsequently in the competition. First round losers in Team Cup Competition automatically entered into the Plate Competition. Both Competitions are to run concurrently. 

The player’s names are to be entered on the result cards and (except in extreme circumstances and then only by written request to the Competitions Secretary and Committee) players in the first round will be the only players allowed to play in the following rounds. Likewise, extensions beyond the closing date of any round will not be granted except in the case of extreme circumstances.

The Competition Secretary will combine together competitions if necessary, in the event of insufficient entries. 

32)    SENIOR’S CUP:
Players in this competition must be over 50 at the start of the season in order to be eligible to play and are eligible to play in all other competitions. 

The awards for highest break and highest score on an away table are restricted to registered Horsham & District League players and apply to Horsham League and Team Cup/Plate matches only, culminating in Finals Night. A Break that has been recorded on the scoreboard will still count if the overall score is subsequently lost due to a black peg.

A Best Performance Cup shall be presented for each Division. This is for the player finishing with the most League wins over the season. In the event of more than one player having the same number of wins, the fewest defeats will decide, and as a final means of separation best average decides. A walkover counts as a normal win. Further Special Awards may be decided on by the Committee. 


For the top sixteen individual players in accordance with their standing in a “Ranking Points” system, calculated on points scored and games won in League matches only, or, number of entrants and qualification along lines determined by the Committee; seeded draw. This competition may also be played during the season or at any venue. Trophies for winner, runner-up, losing semi-finalists, highest break and highest score may be awarded on Finals night or at the Masters. All at the Committees discretion.

Subject to interest & sponsorship:  Rules as per Men’s, Ladies & Mixed doubles. Final played best of five frames. Entry unlimited.

Subject to interest & sponsorship: may be for under 21, 22 or 23 years of age as required by the Committee.

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