List of remaining County and National events for the 2017 Horsham Diary:

October 8 AEBBA Alternative Rules (Triangles) (Totteridge Club, Bucks)


October 15 AEBBA National Team Championships & AEBBA Special Ladies Open (Didcot CC)


October 22 - National Off-the-Spot Open (hosted by West-Sussex League) (Emsworth Social Club)

November 5 All-England Mens Individual Championship, All-England Ladies Championship, AEBBA Over 50's (Totteridge Club, Bucks)


November 10  Jersey v England International (t.b.c.) (Merton Hotel, St Helier, Jersey)

November 10/11 - World Championships (Doubles) (Merton Hotel, St Helier, Jersey)

November 11/12 - World Championships (Singles) and Junior event (Merton Hotel, St Helier, Jersey)


November 26 AEBBA Grand Prix Masters, AEBBA Ladies Grand Prix, AEBBA Over 60's, AEBBA Under 30's (Didcot CC)


December 3 AEBBA Annual General Meeting (Caversham WMC)

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