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 Home & Away Interleague Record

33333) 1972-1981 here.

34) 34) 1981-1992 here.

35) 35) 1992-2000 here.

36) 36) 2000-2018 here.

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Horsham Ladies Inter League Records

Winners: 1974/75, 1975/76, 1976/77,

1988/89 & 1994/95 (Runners-up in 1978/79, 1982/83, 1990/91, 1991/92 & 1993/94)

Ladies Interleague Record (Changed from H/A  system to One-Day in 1983)

37) 37) 1972-1982 here.

38) 38) 1983-2016 here.

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S.C.B.(ONE-DAY EVENT)              

18 Feb 2018......Horsham finished mid-table once again in Div.2 : Ricky Dewdney and captain-for-the-day Lee Cable recorded 6 wins each, and Stu Carruthers and Steve King both managed 5 wins out of 8.

27 Feb 2017.....Horsham finished mid-table in Div.2 of the 2017 One-Day Interleague. Captain Stu Carruthers recorded an amazing 7 wins at an average of 8150. Rob Jones and Steve King both managed 5 wins out of 8.

28 Feb 2016......On Sun 21st Horsham were Runners-up to Mid Sussex A in Div.2 - a fantastic performance considering they found themselves a player short on the day and were thus obliged to concede 8 frames. Lee Cable, Dick Cable and Iain Tarrant all had 6 wins out of 8, Stu Carruthers and Adam Kuzimski 5 wins and Steve King 3 wins.

03 March 2015......On Sunday Horsham men took part in the flagship event involving the strong lineup of Brighton, Worthing, Redhill, Horsham, Hastings and Tunbridge Wells. Roffey Y’s Jim Greensted (4/5) and Stout House BB player Ricky Dewdney (3/5) were among the winning Worthing A team, and it was a good day also for Roffey H’s Rob (Sam) Jones who managed an impressive 4 wins out of 5 at an average of 4438 for Horsham.         – Clive T
This report was submitted by Horsham’s Stuart Carruthers, deputising as Captain for Adam Kuzimski (who has a happy event imminent)…
“On behalf of the Horsham team I would like to say we really enjoyed our day and thank you to everyone involved in getting this event on and running, particularly to Jean for running the admin desk and Michelle for selling the raffle tickets (although there were questions asked if any of our team’s tickets made it into the hat!!!).  Well down to Worthing on their win. Shame we ended up coming last, think we lost four games on the last ball and on a different day we made have avoided the wooden spoon. Here's hoping we can win Div 2 next year and get back to bringing The Noise to Div 1 in the future”   - Stuart

23 Feb 2014......Our boys win the 2014 Div 2 Competition and will replace Mid Sussex at the top table for 2015.  It is Horsham's 4th win since the competition took on its current guise at the start of the century, the other years being 2005,2007 and 2009.  Odd-numbered year have proven lucky in the past as Horsham were also runners-up in 2011 (to Eastbourne) and in 2013 (to Hastings).

Horsham players took positions 2,3,5 and 7 in the performance list, with Lee Cable and Stuart Carruthers winning all five games played, whilst skipper Adam Kuzimski and Sam Jones managed four out of five.A clean sweep of matches was achieved by Horsham, who beat Eastbourne 5-2, Lewes 6-1, West-Sussex 4-3, Billingshurst 6-1 and Littlehampton 5-2.     Full details of the event can be found on the SCBBA website.  - Clive T.

Mens One-Day Interleague Record

393939) 1990-1999 here.   40) 440)  2000-2018 here.

Link to Dave Ingram's Sussex website showing the full One-Day recor

Changing with the times…………..
Debate raged throughout the 1980s between the Sussex Leagues as to which
was the most practical Interleague system after things came to a head in 1980/81
when in a gruelling format nine teams played an all-play-all, going round twice.
16 games proved too much for some !
On 27th March 1982, Interleague was played off all in one day, at the excellent
Inland Revenue Club in Durrington. But not all Leagues sent a team to the day,
and with one group of four and one of three, it seemed a very long way to go for just two games !

1991 saw both competitions being held, and the One-Day Competition that year was Horsham A’s last success at the very top level (Brighton, Worthing, Redhill, West-Sussex and Littlehampton being the only names on the Cup since.) Horsham did however manage to become runners-up twice, to West-Sussex in 1994 and to Brighton in 1995.
Meanwhile, for the Home/away version, the SCBBA AGM of 1994 saw the introduction of the rule whereby Captains can nominate the order of play, thus removing the risk of a ‘bad draw’. This heralded the start of the modern-day era, with scores of 20k becoming more commonplace.
- Clive Thompson, June 2010

Postscript........At the 2016 Sussex AGM the surprise decision was reached to revert back to the 'old' system of a fair draw rather than nominations!

Whether or not this turns out to be in Horsham's favour, only time will tell.....

The Earliest Interleague records ..........taken from West Susssex County Times press clippings:
Jan 04 1972
“In the county interleague competition, Crawley have won both their games, Horsham and Mid Sussex have both lost one and Portslade two.
The Horsham team to visit Portslade on January 13 will be chosen from:  Five Oaks players Colin Brown, Steve Merriott, Rod Tarratt, Tony Tugwell and Sam Vandenberg; Green Man’s Pete Roberts and Mike Hinton, and Alan Ansell of the Plough Lower Beeding; Reserves: John and Peter Thayre and Peter Barnett (Three Compasses), Gerald Weston (Five Oaks) and Wes Durrant (Red Lion).”
May 09 1972
“Horsham has reached the final of the Sussex interleague competition by beating Crawley 6-1. Likely opponents in the final at Brighton on May 24 (1972) are the Hastings team.”
Nov 11 1972
“Horsham narrowly failed to win their county interleague game with Hastings at the Bull, Henfield where they went down by the odd frame in seven. They were given a good start by Chris Lewry, and Tony Tugwell also played very well.
The ‘B’ team, who met their opposite numbers at the Green Man, Partridge Green, won by the same margin that the A team lost – helped by Ron Child’s decider.
Horsham play Mid Sussex A at the Gardeners Arms, Ardingly on November 23 (1972) – at the same time the B teams will meet at the Rose and Crown, Cuckfield.”